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Honorary Consulate in Limburg  

The opening of the Honorary Consulate of Ukraine in The Kingdom of Belgium in Limburg reflects the mutual interest of the parties in expanding cooperation between the two countries and has a historical background. It also gives a new impetus for economic and cultural cooperation.

Honorary Consulate of Ukraine in Limburg, Belgium
Honorary Consul Kris Beckers

Honorary Consul Kris Beckers

Represents the interests of Ukraine in the province of Limburg, which will help to strengthen working contacts with competent local authorities, lawyers, social services, charitable foundations, institutions and organizations in order to ensure the full protection of the rights and interests of Ukrainian citizens and the legal entities of Ukraine on the territory of the Kingdom of Belgium.

Travel to Ukraine

Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union until the early nineties, but it is now looking west and attaches a great deal of importance to tourism. Ukraine is flat with a pleasantly temperate continental climate and a sub-tropical southern fringe, in the Crimea. The winters are severe but the summers are warm and are therefore the best time to visit Ukraine

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